Creativity is part of my life

I was born and rise in Madrid sorounded by art, my school was located in an old palace full of greek statures and my  field trips  were to the Prado Museum. Part of my homework was to draw and color  my own world maps.


At age 20  I married in Madrid, my husband was memeber of the American Air Force. We stayed in this city  during 5 years and I had two children, during this time  I had de oportunity to take  classes of oil painting and charcoal drawing at the studios of  well known Spanish artist.


The Air Force move the family to other 3 countries,  in each new home I always manage to have a spare room o corner ready to paint when I had the time.


My creativity help me during the lonely times of moving and finding new friends. Living in different countries give me the oportunity to meet other artist, to have exchange of ideas and to learn other tecniques.


During the years in the US I  obtained my  Bachelors of Science degree from  Trento State University  with a minor in  Art.


In Englad I used pastel chalk to create  landscape scenes. I had the oportunity  to join the local artist association and to exhibit with them as well  as at solo exhibitions.


In 1993 I moved to a small town by  the Mediterranean sea, near Barcelona.  The sea become the sole purpose in my paintings.

My exhibition were seashells, sailing boats, beaches, palm trees and life under weater.




Trips to other countries and cultures have been a great resources of ideas.  I created 25 paintings of jungle, mangroves and tropical flowers, after visiting Mexico, Santo Domingo and Jamaica.


I created the JEWELRY COLLECTION CHINESE COIN, after my visit to China, based on the coins used in this country.


About 15 years ago I found a fired enamel course in my town, and after a couple of years I became hooked on this medium.  Applying enamel and fire to transform a piece of metal into a beutiful piece of art is like magic.


I found jewelry making a great way to apply all my ideas in a samll piece. My jewelry is pieces of art to wear, to adorn a  woman neck,  instead of just  hanging in the wall.


I have my own estudio since 2006,  creating new collections since them.

Now, I am opening a new studio to exhibe my work and to give classes in enameling in the city of Miami.


Solo Exhibitions

2017 - Feria Diseñadores , Madrid

2017 -  Pop UP 3, Espacio Cultural Abierto, Madrid.

2013 - Feria de los Artesanos de la Villa, 2º  año, Madrid 


2012 - Feria de los Artesano de la Villa, Madrid 


2011 - Hotel La Meridian Ra, El Vendrell, Tarragona.

         - Galeria de Arte de Anna Barcons, Comarruga, Tarragona

         - Passarella Calafell 2011,  Calafell, Tarragona

2010 - Salon Moda, Arte, Belleza, Hotel Puerta de America, Madrid.

         - Exp. Joyería en  Hotel La Meridien RA, El Vendrell, Tarragona 

         - Exp. Joyería en  Museo Nacional  D´Art de Catalunya /tienda,                          Barcelona.

         - Exp. Joyería en  Bass Museum Shop, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

2008 - Balneario TermaEuropa de Comarruga, Tarragona 

2007 - Escuela de Turismo de El Vendrell, Tarragona 

2005 - Galeria Toranto de Barcelona. 

2004 - Sala Caixa Tarragona ,  Reus, Tarragona. 

2003 - Restaurante el Pebrot i el  Petit Cargol. Barcelona.

2002 - Sala International Women´s Club. Barcelona.

         - Asociación de Residentes  y Propietarios de Comarruga .                                Tarragona 

2001 - Sala Caixa de Tarragona. El Vendrell. Tarragona

1983 - Feria de Arts and Crafts.  Bentwaters, U.K.

1982 - Feria de Arts and Crafts.  Woodbridge, U.K.


2018 - Galeria  KOSMIMA, Madrid

2014 - Jornadas de Joyeria Artistica,  Madrid 

         - Feeding Art Gallery , Madrid 

         - Sala d´Art Anna Barcons, Comarruga, Tarragona 

         - Exposition International Centre Cultural Couzeix, Limoge, Francia

         - Feria Intergift, Recinto Ferial, Madrid 

2013 - Feria de Arte ART SHOPPING, El Louvre, Paris, Francia

         - Galeria Anna Barcoms, temporada verano, Comarruga,                                   Tarragona

         - Exp  en Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo , Japon

         - Galeria Emma, Madrid.

         - Feria international de arte contemporaneo de Marbella, Malaga

         - Galeria Javier Roman, Malaga.

         - 5th International Biennal of Enamel Art, Vilniu, Lituania.

2012 - Exposición  JOYAS DE AUTOR – ENJOIA´T DÁMOR, Sabadell,                      Barcelona 

         - Participante del 7 Premio Emison de Esmalte, Barcelona

         - 2ª. Bienal de Esmalte en Holanda

         - Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo en Marbella


2003 - Actualmente - Permanente en la Sala d´Art de Anna Barcons,                         Comarruga, Tarragona Verano y Navidades.

2009 -SATELLITE ART+DESIGN, in Wynwood  Art District, Miami                              Beach, Florida, USA 

         - Participa en la 4ª Muestra de Arte de El Vendrell

2005 - AQUARELLA GALLERIA D´ART,Valls., Tarragona 

2004 - GALERIA TORONTO , Barcelona.

2003 - GALERIA ANTA,  Collectiva de Primavera. Madrid.

         - Latin American Art Museum, Miami, Florida U.S.A.  

         - Finalista Concurso Pintura “La Mujer en el Siglo XXI, Velilla de                        San Antonio. Madrid  

2002 - Saló International d´Arts Plástiques ACEA.  Barcelona.

         - Salon International des Arts.  Buxieres- les- Mines. Francia.

         - Sala Municipal  “Casa Portal del Pardo”. El Vendrell. 

         - Primer  Certamen Pintura Marina de Port Aiguadolc. Sitges. 

         - Decimo  Certamen del Ayuntamiento Deltebre. Tarragona.

         - Fundación Colegio del Rey . Alcala de Henares. Madrid.

         - Subasta de Obras de Arte pro Iglesia Santa Teresina.                                     Barcelona.

2001 - Bienal  de Artes Plasticas Baix Penedes. El Vendrel.

2000 - Sala de Arte   “Casa del Portal del Pardo”. El Vendrell.

1999 - Bienal de Artes Plasticas  Baix Penedes. El Vendrell.

         - Asociación Artesanos y Artistas del Paix Penedes. El Vendrell.

1998 - Sala Municipal de Exposiciones La Estación, El Vendrell.

1997 - Auditorio Pau Casals, Sant Salvador, Tarragona. 

1982 - Sala Barcleys Bank, Woodbridge, Inglaterra.

1981/1984 - Permanente  con  Asociacion de Artistas de Woodbridge. 

                    Sala Exposiciones  WindMill,  Woodbridge, U.K.