Enamel Art Work


After years working with enamels I had the idea to work on pieces of  3D,  so the enamels can stand and being admired by both sides.

I love the undersea life, so I decided start my coleccion with 3D fishes ,  some they have two sides, so I have to make two exacly pieces and then saw them together.  Other pieces are only one side. 

They have a base of wood, some a natural wood, without any treatment, this type of base is perfect for the rustic  fishes.

The sizes are small since the entire pieze has to be in the kiln to fired at 1500 degrees F.  
The piees hold on the wood from a part of the cooper that they are made.





The art for the wall is a mixed of acrylic painting and cooper with fired enamel over the painting, as a collage,  and it looks like a tree dimention paintings.

Other pieces are totally made with copper and fired enamel,  then set on a piece of wood and framed to be hung.

I do enjoy to bring old well know buildings or monuments in the enamel, to given a different perpective.


In 2019 I took a course at the Thompson Enamels Foundation, in Kentaky.  I learned how to work with steel, this is another medium very different from the classic copper.

Also I learned how to use liquied enamel and paint with them over steel surface.

I am still investigating this  enamel tecnique.

Art Work with Jewelry

My idea of is create Jewelry based on art , create a piece of art to wear instead being hung in the wall.

Then I decied to combine both techniques.  I carved and painting a piece of wood,  the piece of jewelry is set on the carved area of the wood.  It becomes a picture with the jewelry on. 

This piee of wood can be set on a table , it will show the jewelry as art , the lady can used the pendant, and put it back into the wood for display.